Rare Poltava zemstvo stamps.

First stamps were produced as valid they need. Then, when they become interested collectors, not hesitating to pay big money for rare stamps, the release of these brands began to gradually adapt not just to the need for them from Council, and to the demand of collectors. In the result, there was a craft with Poltava Zemstvo stamps http://russianphilately.com/zemstvo/poltava/ , the monopoly of which was the brother of former mayor , Hanko, not left this profitable lessons and after he took the President's chair.

To give rare Zemstvo stamps http://russianphilately.com/zemstvo/ of special value to collectors of the brand were produced in relatively small quantities - far less than the actual needs with the intention to supply them quickly ran out and they would become rare.

The value of these rare stamps grew up fabulous numbers: mark 3 penny fans had to pay 100 rubles Sometimes, the Chairman of the Council used this ingenious trick: he ordered the release of stamps with any exceptional feature from the rest of the order (inverted figure, a different color, without punctures, and so on), and then in limited quantities. Such release of stamps he completely bought at a nominal price in personal property, and then sold them for a high price.