The World Wide Web creates many new challenges for information retrieval. It is very large and
heterogeneous. Current estimates are that there are over 150 million web pages with a doubling
life of less than one year. More importantly, the web pages are extremely diverse, ranging from
"What is Joe having for lunch today?" to journals about information retrieval. In addition to these
major challenges, search engines on the Web must also contend with inexperienced users and pages
engineered to manipulate search engine ranking functions.
However, unlike "
at" document collections, the World Wide Web is hypertext and provides
considerable auxiliary information on top of the text of the web pages, such as link structure and
link text. In this paper, we take advantage of the link structure of the Web to produce a global
\importance" ranking of every web page. This ranking, called  PageRank, helps search engines and
users quickly make sense of the vast heterogeneity of the World Wide Web.

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