Your iPad efficiently does your job, takes care of you whole day by organizing things for you, you carry it where ever you go, it has become as essential as your car keys when you step out of your home. But does that iPad help you in maintaining your health. The iPad alone is useful but fragile, and delicate. Assembled with some useful accessories it not only becomes durable but also keeps a track of your health.

Let us see what does actually glare means; glare is difficulty while viewing an object in the presence of strong, bright lights such a sun rays. When you are working indoor the iPad screen gives just a fabulous response in terms of its view but outside it can irritate you. So in that sort of a bright light you tend to pull your back and lean more towards the screen. This completely deforms your posture and will cause problems like back and neck pain, eye-strain, irritability, loss of focus and frustration at the end. Now all these factors are definitely going to affect your work productivity. For sure, increasing the brightness is a bit of help but it still distracts.

Speck iPad  SheildView which is and Anti glare protective screen film can satisfy you in every manner. It is resistant to glares, dirt, dust, fingerprints and oil. It is a clear film comes with 3H hardness and sticks to the screen properly. It is available in 2 way and 3 way films.

You can always use some IPad Anti Glare Screen Protector for your iPad screen. The film not only gives your iPad protection from glare but also protects it from scratches, dust, dirt, and microbes. It also increases the screen?s hardness, improves its resolution. It is composed of seamless silicon glue that adheres to the iPad touch screen surface properly and at the time of removing it does not leaves behind any residue. The iPad anti- glare screen protector also prolongs its touch screen responsiveness. The Anti-Glare touch films keep the oil and fingerprints from sticking to the screen.

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